C-131F 141009
CM170R 220
OV-1D 69-17019
C-131F 141009, US Navy
w.f.u. to N8149P by 4/88
CM.170R 220, French AF
w.f.u. to C-GEPK by 12/99
OV-1D 67-17019, US Army
w.f.u. and dumped MS-AVCRAD
Mirage IIIE 412
Mirage IIIE 412, French AF
w.f.u. to Cinq Mars la Pile, preserved
Anson T21 WD413
OV-10A 67-14701
OV-10D 67-14701, US Air Force
crashed 8/9/82, collided with GAF Alouette
Pembroke C1 XF796
Pembroke C.1 XF796, Royal Air Force
w.f.u. to G-BFKK
TF-104G 12263
TF-104G 12263, Norweigan AF
w.f.u. to Turkey by 7/81
F-5B 908
F-5B 908, Norweigan AF
w.f.u. to EoT
Anson T.21 XD413, Royal Air Force
w.f.u. to G-VROE

RAF Mildenhall Air Fete '80