Alpha Jet
F-16A J-215
Jaguar GR.1A XZ362
Hawk T1 XX295
S35XD AR-110
Alpha Jet 40+32, German Air Force
w’f’u and sold to Portugal by 12/94
MiG-23BN 15, Hungarian Air Force
w.f.u. by 8/08 and preserved Szolnok
F-104S MM6714, Italian Air Force
w.f.u. by 9/04 and stored Grazzanise
F-16A J-215, R. Netherlands Air Force
w.f.u. by 6/99 and preserved Soesterberg
F-16A J-145, R. Netherlands Air Force
Troopship C-11, R. Netherlands Air Force
w.f.u. by 6/96 and stored
Jaguar GR.1 XZ362, Royal Air Force
crashed 24/7/96
Hawk T.1 XX295, Royal Air Force
S35XD AR-110, R Danish Air Force
w.f.u. and sold in USA by 2/95

Luchtmachtdagen 1993 - Eindhoven