F-104G 20+43, German Air Force
w.f.u. by 5/91 to Hermeskeil
F-104G 20+43
CF-104G 104805
CF-104G 104805, Canadian Forces
w.f.u. by 10/81 to BDR Baden Solingen
CF-104D RT-664
CF-104D RT-664, R Danish AF
w.f.u. by 11/84 to BDR Aalborg
A-6E 155703, US Navy
w.f.u. by 10/93, to AMARC 5A0081
A-6E 155703
TA-7H 161222, Greek AF
TA-7H 161222
Phantom FG.1 XV591, RAF
w.f.u. by 10/92 and scrapped - nose to Cosford
Phantom FGR2 XV591

RAF Mildenhall Air Fete '83