Alpha Jet
Atlantique 2
Buccaneer S.2B XX889
Hunter T.8M
Alpha Jet E83, French Air Force
Atlantique 2, French Navy
Buccaneer S.2B XX889, Royal Air Force
w.f.u. to Staverton by 9/03
Hunter T.8M XL602, Royal Navy
w.f.u. and sold as G-BWFT
MB.339A MM54489, Italian Air Force
Mi-8 94+12, German Air Force
w.f.u. and preserved Danholm by 12/94
Harrier T.4N XW268
Sea Harrier FRS.1
Wessex HC.2
Wessex HC.2 XT606, Royal Air Force
w.f.u. and sold in New Zealand by 9/97
Sea Harrier FRS.1 XZ493, Royal Navy
w.f.u. to FAAM Yeovilton by 5/00
Harrier T4N XW268, Royal Navy
w.f.u. and scrapped by 2/97

RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day 1993