TAV-8B MM55032
TAV-8B MM55033
Cessna 550 U20-3
EAV-8B VA2-5
EAV-8B VA2-9
Sea King
Canberra T17A WF916
Chipmunk T10 WP856
Do 28 59+25
Do-28D 59+25, German Navy
w.f.u. and sold as D-IDOZ
Chipmunk T.10 WP856, Royal Navy
w.f.u. and sold as G-BVWP by 12/94
Canberra T.17A WF916, Royal Air Force
w.f.u.and scrapped RAF Wyton by 11/94
EAV-8B VA.1A-17, Spanish Navy
EAV-8B VA.1A-21, Spanish Navy
Sea King AEW.2A XV664, Royal Navy
Citation U.20-3, Spanish Navy
TAV-8B MM550033, Italian Navy
TAV-8B MM550032, Italian Navy

RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day 1994